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Wilson History Grants

Wilson History and Social Sciences Grants
MBA is pleased to offer Wilson Scholarships to deserving and interested students rising 10th through rising 12th grades for summer 2018. Students who excel in history courses and are interested in pursuing fields such as history, political science/law, international relations, economics, historical archaeology, or anthropology in college are eligible for these grants. The purpose of these summer program grants is to reward excellence and to offer students the opportunity to pursue, explore, and strengthen their interest in history and related fields. Students may apply for a Wilson Grant for a pre-approved program (see list). Students may also propose participation in a program or research project of their choosing (ie, not on the pre-approved list), but must receive departmental approval of that proposal prior to submitting their applications. Please seek approval for it as soon as possible by speaking and providing information about the program to your current history teacher and to Dr. Bailey, Dr. Hardin, and Mr. McMurray

3:30 pm on January 12, 2018
Please fill out the application in Google Form.

Criteria and Expectations:

The Wilson History and Social Sciences Grant recipients are chosen from applicants from the current 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. Generally, opportunities broaden and increase for students in higher grades.  Applicants will be chosen on the following bases--

  1. 1) Has consistently demonstrated excellence and intellectual curiosity in the study of History and is committed to taking full advantage of the history offerings at MBA. 
  2. 2) Desires to pursue history-related fields in college and in other arenas beyond MBA. 
  3. 3) Is of exemplary character, and gives evidence that he will represent the school well, both on and off campus.
  4. 4)Demonstrates significance of program to his own intellectual interests and goals and articulates those interests and goals well.  

Preference will be given to those who have not received a Wilson History Grant previously, but recipients of grants from previous years are still eligible. 
If offered and upon accepting a grant by the History Department, the student will complete and submit a final application for the program in a timely fashion.
During or upon completion of the program, each grantee will be expected to:

  1. 1) Keep a blog or other form of daily journal that is substantive and includes meaningful reflections upon the topics, experiences and activities of each day.
  2. 2) Give a formal presentation based upon the experience to the larger MBA community.
  3. 3) Act as ambassadors and resources for the next group of student Grantees.
                                                       Award Description:
The Wilson Grant will cover cost of tuition, room and board (full or partial) for the program. A stipend to defray travel cost to and from programs will be added if money is still available after tuition moneys have been disbursed. This will be reimbursed to families by the school. All other grant payments will be made directly to the program from Montgomery Bell Academy. Students and families should be aware that they may incur additional costs beyond basic program costs which will not be covered.

WILSON HISTORY GRANTS-- Some Pre-Approved Programs for 2016, with short descriptions, eligible grade levels, dates if announced, and links to more information—
PLEASE NOTE, this is not an exclusive list, and we are open to students finding other programs, but those ,must be pre-approved. Many colleges and universities and other institutions offer quality summer programs. If a student finds such a program and wishes to apply for a Wilson Grant for it, however, he should consult with his history teacher and get prior approval from Dr. Bailey, Dr. Hardin, or Mr. McMurray. To do so, the student should gather sufficient information about the program and share it with one of the above faculty members. 
*Crow Canyon Archaeology Center in Colorado High School Archaeology Field Camp for rising sophomores, Field School for one rising junior.
*Georgetown University Institutes, for rising sophomores through rising seniors in Law, Politics, and International Relations. These 8-day seminars are offered between early June and late July. See this link for the specific dates of each particular Institute.
a. United States program for a rising Junior or exceptional rising sophomore
“The Roots of American Liberty” (7/018)
b. Hillsdale College Study Abroad for Rising Juniors or Seniors --
“Winston Churchill & WWII- Remembering Their Finest Hour” 7/2018
c. Hillsdale College Study Abroad for a Rising Junior or Senior (priority given to rising senior)
“Western Civilization- Visions From Italy”
*Vanderbilt Summer Academy—Rising Sophomores. These courses are somewhat multi-disciplinary, and include law, political science, philosophy and sociology. Courses fill up fast, so Wilson Grant Applicants should consider applying to the program prior to hearing whether they have received the Wilson grant in order to secure a slot.

William & Mary Pre-Collegiate program in Early American History, for rising juniors and seniors
Session 1: June/July  2018
Session 2: Mid-July-early August 2018

Montgomery Bell Academy

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