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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.
Fathers Club

Fathers Club Connections

Purpose: The Fathers Club Connections is an offshoot of the Fathers Club at MBA and was established in the Fall of 2010.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Father's Club Connection is to broaden the Father's club by providing opportunities to fathers and their sons to enhance their relationships with each other, Montgomery Bell Academy, and their communities. 

“Connections” came from the idea that MBA has the opportunity to strengthen the father/father figure and son relationship through education, community service and networking opportunities.  On an ongoing basis, The Fathers Club Connections will have periodic breakfast meetings that are topic driven (some of these meetings will be with and without our sons), will sponsor fathers-only networking and social gatherings, and will offer opportunities to do community service alongside our sons.

Montgomery Bell Academy

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