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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.
Mothers Club

Class News: Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Class Mothers (Class of 2024):

Events:  Ali Davis

Events:  Reagan Leverett

Communications:  Kisha Campbell

Treasurer:  Kim Sonday

Seventh Grade Upcoming Events

July 23:  MBA virtual bookstore live
July 27:  Class of 2024 T-shirt order due
August 2:  Big brother/Little Brother Pizza party (5pm in Gym)
August 9:  Picnic for new families (5:15pm in Quad)
August 10:  Pool Party at Sequoia (10am-12pm)
August 14:  7thgrade Long Mountain trip (7:30am)
August 17:  Registration 7thGrade (Coat & Tie 7:30am-12pm)
August 20:  Classes begin (7:50am Advisory)
August 22:  Mother’s club kick off coffee (7:45am in Pfeffer)
August 24:  Father’s club breakfast (7 am in Dining Hall)
August 29:  JS Parent Connection (12pm in Pfeffer)
September 3:  Labor Day (no classes)
September 4:  Junior school parent’s night (6:30pm Theater)
September 5:  7th/8thgrade Mother’s Luncheon (11:30am Theater)
September 7:  7thGrade Tailgate Parent Social (5:30 Massey Commons or Courtyard)
September 12-14:  Camp Laney retreat
September 14:  MBA Carnival and picnic (5pm)
September 22:  7thGrade HH Carnival Mixer at HH - (10am-12pm)
September 28:  Half day
September 28:  Homecoming/Spaghetti Supper (5pm)
October 2:  Grade 7 Class Meeting (9:40 am Massey Commons)
October 4:  Mother’s Club Meeting (12-1:30 Pfeffer)
October 4:  Blazers and More Sale (1:30 Pfeffer)
October 10 (12pm)-14:  Fall break
October 24:  Parent/Teacher conference
October 27:  Race for the Cure with HH
October 30:  7thGrade Class Meeting (9:40 am Massey Commons)
November 7:  Parent Connection Meeting (12pm Pfeffer)
November 8:  Art show begins/7thGrade Parent Social  6pm Davis Building – Music End of Hallway
November 14:  Mother’s club General and Board Meeting (7:45 Pfeffer)
November 16:  7thgrade Mom’s Coffee Margie Moore’s House
November 20: Junior School Grandparent’s Day (12:30 Theater)
November 21-25:  Thanksgiving Break
December 3:  Junior School Evening for Visual and Performing Arts (6:30 Theater)
December 4: 7thGrade Class Meeting (9:40 am Massey Commons)
December 5:  Parent Connection Meeting (12pm Pfeffer)
December 11:  End of Semester (1/2 day); Exam Snacks in Quad at 12pm
December 12-18:  Exams
December 20-Jan 7:  Winter Break 
January 7:  Classes resume
January 8:  Curriculum Information Night (7pm Pfeffer)
January 21:  MLK day (No Classes)
January TBD:  Winter Clothing Service Project with HH
February 15-18:  Winter Break
February 27:  Parent Connection Meeting (12pm Pfeffer)
March 2:  Spring Mixer with HH (1-3pm)
March 15-24:  Spring Break
April 9:  7thGrade Mom’s Night Out
April 19:  Spring Holiday
April 27:  Endada (11am-3pm)
May 17-24:  Exams
May 28:  Junior school Honors
    • 7th Grade Room Mothers

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