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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.
Wilson Grants

Science & Engineering Grants

Wilson Science & Engineering Grants

MBA is pleased to offer Wilson Scholarships to deserving high school students (rising 9th – 12th grades) for this coming summer. Those students who excel in IPS, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and with an interest in pursuing Science, Technology, or Engineering disciplines in college are eligible for these scholarship grants. The purpose of these summer program grants is to reward excellence and to offer students the opportunity to strengthen their interest and expertise in Science and Engineering.

Friday, January 12, 2018
Scholar Description:
The Wilson Science and Engineering Grant recipients are chosen from applicants from the current 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. These students will apply to an approved Science or Engineering course or program and have been selected by the Science Department based on having:
  1. an established track record of excellence in the Science classes taken at MBA,
  2. demonstrated a keen interest in pursuing Science or Engineering in college,
  3. proven to be of exemplary character, and having an established record of representing the school well, both on and off campus, and
  4. a completed application for the course or program once approved for the scholarship by the Science Department
These students will then be expected to:
  1. compose a report of their experience prepared in the standard scientific format for the discipline they studied, and
  2. act as ambassadors and resources for the next group of student Grantees.
Award Description:
The Wilson Grant will cover the cost of tuition (full or partial) for the course or program. Additional room and board fees (in part or full) will also be considered. The award will also include a stipend for travel to and from programs out of the area. Transportation to and from the program will be the responsibility of the participant.
Students should be aware that some programs may incur additional costs or require additional fees. Any miscellaneous costs beyond the approved program costs will not be covered.

Students are expected to research their program of interest before completing the application process. This includes identifying all direct participation costs, pertinent travel costs, application deadlines, and attendance dates as indicated on the application. 

Past recipients
2013 - 2014 AWARD WINNERS
Luke Cianciolo 
Duke - Genetics Research
Matt Miccioli
Boston University - Summer Research Internship
Rueben Dockery
RPI - Exploration Program
Michael Miccioli
Vanderbilt - Stellar Astronomy
Brinton Hoover
Georgetown - Summer Medical Institute
Henry Moxley
Judith River - Little Snowy River Dinosaur Project
Davis Lovvorn
Sail Caribbean - Oceanography
Nathan Sharp
Duke - Duke Bio Sciences & Engineering
William Lynch
NC State - Nuclear Engineering

Drew Benson
NC State, Robotics
Bates O'Neal
Stanford, Robotics
Andrew Dupuis
Duke, Robotics
Nathan Sharp
Arizona, Astronomy
Brad Bennett
UNC-Wilmington, Marine Biology
Sam Hurd
Stanford, Engineering
Tarun Mallipeddi
Michigan, Math and Science Scholars Program
Caleb Carpenter
Michigan, Math and Science Scholars Program
Ben Chen
Michigan, Math and Science Scholars Program
Rahul Ramanna
NC State, Engineering

Brad Bennett
Sail Carribean - Oceanography
Thomas Marosz
Michigan, Math and Science Scholars Program
Benjamin Chen
Matt Miccioli
WPI - Explore Program
Jackson Garey
Georgetown - Summer Medical Institute
Christopher Mowery
Purdue - Summer Engineering Program
William Lynch
University of Missouri - Nuclear Engineering
Nilay Patel
Michigan, Math and Science Scholars Program
Tarun Mallipeddi
Georgetown - Summer Medical Institute
Nathan Sharp
Stanford - EPGY Particle Physics

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